Bobtales – our full length reading series brought  five full scripts to you in 2019. We see Bobtales as a platform for our writers to share their stories with you and learn about their works through rehearsal and audience response. Some of them were full length versions of some of the Bobsnacks. 

October 25th, 2020

Mars Ohio cast picMars, Ohio
By Jeremy Sony
In the year 2050, fifty-two regular Americans — one from every state — will be selected to join the first city-settlement on Mars through the most rigorous selection process known to human-kind: reality TV. The play follows Gemma as a surprise contestant on this Big Brother meets NASA TV show, and what these people are willing to do to represent Ohio in one of Mars’ first cities. Things don’t go as planned as what’s real and what scripted begin to blur, and Gemma is forced to decide between living her dream and becoming a streaming puppet for a manipulative host and producer.

December 3rd, 2019

We presented At The Rivers End by Bianca Sams.

There is nothing worse than death except coming back to life to find your
whole world is a mess. At the River’s End is a dark ride through the mind of Captain Brielle Davenport, a war hero back from the dead, trying to reconcile her past and her present to decide whether she has the ability to survive her future.

Our incredible cast included Inés del Castillo, Steven Etienne*, Rudolph Searles III*, and Kamaria Williams. Direction provided by Jasmine Rush. Stage management and stage directions by Thomas Daniels.


September 19th, 2019

We presented Conflict Resolution by Jeffry Chastang.

In 1984 Chicago, two grade school teachers, one, an African-American nearing retirement, the other, a Canadian transplant twenty years her junior, clash over the direction of a rally for students after two sixth graders shoot each other.

Our incredible cast included Abraham McNeil Adams*, Alycia Kunkle*, Linda Kurlioff*, and Tomike Ogugua*.  Direction provided by Christopher Berry.  Stage management and stage directions by Thomas Daniels.


May 31st,  2019

We presented The Brothers’ Chapel by Tyler J.C. Whidden.

A stand-up comic looking for a hideout and redemption, finds himself helping his preacher brother save his ministry. Anti-religion, but great at public speaking, the comedian uses his skills to draw a crowd. Is there much of a difference between comedy clubs and churches?

Our incredible cast included Lisa Bol, Thomas Daniels, Alaina Kai, and Tom Morin. Direction provided by Shelley Delaney. Stage Managed by Heather Olmstead. Stage Directions read by Glenna Brucken*.


February 22nd, 2019

We presented a double billing that featured the full versions of two excerpts you may remember from our October and December Bobsnacks events. First, was the full pilot of Poison Ivy League by Cristina Luzarraga and then the full version of Rachel Bykowski‘s play 25 Light Years From Now.

Our incredible casts included Veronica Cruz*, Ryan Czerwonko*, DeLeon Dallas, Greg Hansen, Esaú C. Mora*, Stephanie Salgado, Margo Tillstrom, Jenna Zhu. With direction from Emily Penick and Lisa Bol and Stage Management by Paige Barnes.

*indicates member of Actors Equity