In September of 2020 we premiered our Bobcave 2020 series.

Six short films written, shot and produced during and in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Produced by Tantrum East, featuring:

* A Youtube Hottie Confessional: Covid is Hard!
by Catherine Weingarten, starring Lisa Buch, directed by Lisa Bol and edited by Thomas Daniels

* 5:55 AM
by Jacob Juntunen, starring Kelly Florence and Vienna Florence, directed by Campbell Florence and edited by M.r. Fitzgerald

* Outrunning
by Jeffry Chastang, starring Tomike Ogugua and Kihresha Redmond, directed and edited by Jamil Mangan with original music by Carter “Roc” Mangan Jr.

* Pandemic Pep Talk
by D.R. Baker, starring Jasmine Rush and directed/ edited by Andrew Fafoutakis

* The Covid Robbery
by Nate Hug, starring Adam Rousar and Rudolph Searles III, directed by Esaú Mora and edited by Thomas Daniels

* Peace Be With You
by M.r. Fitzgerald, starring Lisa Bol and David Haugen, directed by Thomas Daniels and edited by M.r. Fitzgerald

Special Thanks to SAG-AFTRA.

Thanks to Jamiah, Ameriana, Granny Nevels, Jasmine Rush’s parents, Anna Shafer, Clancey Yovanovich, Matt Meyers, Justin Weaks, Jade Jones, Tim & Patti Hug, and Alycia Kunkle.

Thanks to our 2020 Donors:
Karen Hammond Daniels and David Daniels, Kathleen Brummund, Kamaria Williams, Shawn Byers, Alexandra Milak, Dawn & Jack Baker, Colin Cardille, Rachel Mock, Keith Hadad, Sarah Sierszyn, Mark & Susan Fitzgerald, Terry Layman, Linda Gaines & Robert Lutz, Shelley Delaney, Kelly Florence, George Weinhouse, Jonathan Daniels, Alexandra Bruns-Smith, Bernard Cornwell