2020 Season

Given the current time of social distancing and quarantines, we have put our in person presentations on hold and will reschedule when we feel it is safe for us to all share the same physical space together. Until then, with thanks to technology, we are workshopping with our playwrights and actors to help them advance their works and be ready when we’re all back. We will keep the site updated, so please check back!

Bobsnacks!: TBA

Bobsnacks- A Night of Stories is an on-going exhibition of new work by the Tantrum East Theatre. A night of excerpts presented publicly from works-in-progress by playwrights and writers from the Ohio University Bobcat community. Writers will be given 10-15 minutes to present a sample (or a Bobsnack, if you will) of a project they are currently working on to be read publicly by professional actors. Bobsnacks is a fantastic way to put yourself at the forefront of the newest Bobcat friendly stories that are being forged by writers right now.

An Excerpt from the full length play:
The Exhibitions
By D.R. Baker
In a ramshackle studio somewhere on the vaguely seedy side of town, an artist and an athlete have come together for an unusual collaboration.

Two Scenes from the hour-long dramatic pilot screenplay:
Ferals Episode 101: Reunion
By: M.R. Fitzgerald
Amidst a war-torn future, Nina, an infected human, is rescued by two trained professionals from a vengeful scientist. They are revealed to be her long lost husband and daughter whom she is determined to keep alive from a vicious apocalyptic world eager to tear them apart.

The Short Play:
Check Your Insecurities at the Door (Four’s a Crowd)
By Nate Hug
The idea of this piece is to demonstrate how self=doubt and anxiety can negatively impact our lives. The goal is to show those who experience these awful thoughts they are not alone and that even when the suppression of anxiety is omnipresent, you have value and there is hope. It’s a comedy!

The Short Play:
No Winter No Worries
By Jacob Juntunen
It turns out life after the apocalypse isn’t so bad, not with mosquito martini’s at hand! If only the robot butler didn’t have that humor chip installed. A climate change comedy.

Two Scenes from the full length play:
Evelyn and His Brothers
By Ivan Mosley
A year after a devastating loss, the Rhodes brothers are facing the forfeiture of their home. Can they overcome their differences to unite to save the legacy their father worked so hard to build or is the strain of their past relationships too much of a burden?

A Scene from the full length play:
Shut Up, I’m on a Diet
by Catherine Weingarten
A super feminine friendly-ish full length Play


Bobtales: TBD

Bobtales – is our full length reading series. We see Bobtales as a platform for our writers to share their stories with you and learn about their works through rehearsal and audience response.

The full length play:
Mars, Ohio
By Jeremy Sony
In the year 2050, fifty-two regular Americans — one from every state — will be selected to join the first city-settlement on Mars through the most rigorous selection process known to human-kind: reality TV. The play follows Gemma as a surprise contestant on this Big Brother meets NASA TV show, and what these people are willing to do to represent Ohio in one of Mars’ first cities. Things don’t go as planned as what’s real and what scripted begin to blur, and Gemma is forced to decide between living her dream and becoming a streaming puppet for a manipulative host and producer.


Big Bob!: TBD

For two weekends in October, we will be bringing you our first fully staged productions, complete with all the technical elements and a full rehearsal process.

The one act play:
I, Custer
By: Neal Adleman
The battle of the Little Bighorn – Currently a one woman show where Custer faces his last charge.
We’re eager to work on this as Neal has expressed his goal of this opportunity is to transition this one woman show into a production that would be comprised of four to six women.

The Full length Play:
By Jordan Ramirez Puckett
What happens when young, raw passion goes terribly wrong? Meeting as children, falling in love as teenagers, Kyle and Amy seemed fated to be together. Even Amy’s parents, Richard and Alice, were convinced that they had met their future son in law. But one day an argument escalates out of hand and Kyle shoots and kills Amy. By focusing on each character’srole in the events leading up to the murder, this play examines not who done it but why and what next. With each character’s evelation, the circumstances surrounding the murder become more clear while the correct course of action becomes more muddled. Throughout the course of the play, these characters are forced to face their own culpability in order to move forward. By the end, each character must answer the question: in the face of undeniable tragedy, how can we begin to heal.


And finally, our plucky little company continues to grow as we venture into the world of film-making. We’ll be co-producing an as-of-yet untitled short film by Bianca Sams!