2021 Season

We have selected three plays and one podcast to workshop and present readings of this year! As it’s still very unclear when we will all be able to be in a room together, we will be presenting these readings virtually. We see this as such a wonderful opportunity to work with artists outside of New York City as well as share this work with people across the country. Dates for each reading and links to access them will be set as we come closer to their month, please check back here or follow us on Instagram @tantrumeast or Facebook for additional updates as well! And with out further adieu, the remainder of our 2021 season:

In November, we’ll be bringing you Greater Illinois by Steven Strafford. Multiple timelines, a woman standing her ground, a gay man terrified for his life, the ghosts that haunt them, and what lengths we’ll go to seek justice. Greater Illinois tells two stories interwoven with each other and examines the intersections of fear, race, homophobia, and a government agency insistent on “making a brighter tomorrow today,” no matter the human cost. Greater Illinois is the story of who chooses fight, flight, or freeze and what happens when they choose.

The link to our fundraising page is here and if you have any questions you can always email us at tantrumeast@gmail.com. We’re so excited to share this work with you!