Bobtales: Sunday, October 25th at 3:00pm est

Bobtales – is our full length reading series. We see Bobtales as a platform for our writers to share their stories with you and learn about their works through rehearsal and audience response.

For tickets to our virtual reading, please email by noon on October 25th.

The full length play:
Mars, Ohio
By Jeremy Sony
In the year 2050, fifty-two regular Americans — one from every state — will be selected to join the first city-settlement on Mars through the most rigorous selection process known to human-kind: reality TV. The play follows Gemma as a surprise contestant on this Big Brother meets NASA TV show, and what these people are willing to do to represent Ohio in one of Mars’ first cities. Things don’t go as planned as what’s real and what scripted begin to blur, and Gemma is forced to decide between living her dream and becoming a streaming puppet for a manipulative host and producer.